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Conspiracy of Silence (completed)

Inspired by true events, "Conspiracy of Silence", tells the story of a young trainee priest torn between the love for his girlfriend and his vocation to the Catholic Church. Set in contemporary Ireland. The screenplay was developed at the Sundance Screenwriters' Lab and the finished film went on to win many international awards including a National Board of Review award in the US, as well as receiving critical acclaim.

Written and directed by John Deery, starring Academy Award-winner Brenda Fricker ("My Left Foot"), Hugh Bonneville ("Downton Abbey") and Chris O'Dowd ("Bridesmaids").

For more on the film, including trailer visit: www.COSmovie.com


WINNER: National Board of Review (USA) ‐ Freedom of Expression Award
NOMINATED: Best Film Director ‐ Irish Film and Television Awards
WINNER: Hartley‐Merrill International Screenwriting Award

The Rock Pile (pre-production)

Bob Hastings, a Time Magazine war correspondent on reassignment to Jerusalem, finds redemption and a story of reconciliation in three boys of different faiths until fate changes all their lives forever.

Written by W. David McBrayer.

Wu to Tango (in development)

Comedy dance movie about a shy day-dreamer and tango dance buff, Dong Wu, who leaves his small city in China to attend the prestigious American Film Institute in LA. Heart-warming and funny, at times sophisticated and sultry, "Wu to Tango" is a fish-out-of-water story that will charm audiences world-wide.

Written by W. David McBrayer.

Obsession (in development)

Edgy psychological thriller in the vein of classics such as "Fatal Attraction" & "Basic Instinct". Big-city detective moves back to her small hometown, where she entangles herself in a web of deceit, adultery, murder. OBSESSION will leave audiences asking: when it comes to passion.. just how far is too far?

Written by Andrew T. Sessions & Caleb Ranson

Hell for Leather (in development)

A comedy set in early 90s Manchester about four women with little money and children to support who embark on new independent lives going into business together running a motorcycle training school to find eligible men and make ends meet.

Written by John Deery, based on an idea by Elizabeth McIntyre.


One Day in June (in development)

A fast-paced contemporary thriller set in modern-day Hamburg, Germany, about a young British man who gets caught up with intrigue and murder, whilst searching out his father's past. Inspired by real events

Written by Peter Howey.

Bob, Carol & Dick (in development)

A high-concept comedy set in New York and LA. Bob wakes up one morning and the 'little voice' in his head has become reality.

Written by Michael Scott Taylor, Nick Galotti and John Deery.

The Perfect State (in development)

Both a disturbing and engaging study of a dysfunctional relationship between an estranged father and his 13 year old son. A tense story, not without humour, which deals with familiar family conflicts which transcend geographic and class boundaries.

Written by John Deery, based on a book by André Launay.

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